A time when technology arrives to market obsolete

Futurist Jim Carroll describes trucking trends likely to shape disruptive years to come
Futurist Jim Carroll says if you want to feel out what's coming in trucking's future — a future he contends you might not even recognize, if you could skip forward a decade — think big, bold ideas.

It's a pretty wild concept: that technology today — including that in trucking — is being eclipsed and outdated almost as soon as it can be brought to market. But if you want to know what's around the next corner for trucking, that's where you need to start, says futurist Jim Carroll.

According to this future trends analyst and foreseer of sorts, if you want to get out in front of the next big change in trucking, keep in mind that when it comes to the future, you may have no idea what you should really be thinking about.

To set the stage and "bring you into my world, and that is a world of extremely fast-paced change," said Carroll, he referenced research on the future of careers in the U.S. that suggests about 65% of children now in preschool will have a job in a career that does not yet exist.IFrame

"Think about that: if you have a daughter, son, granddaughter, niece, nephew or whatever who's in kindergarten or grade one, roughly seven out of 10 of them are going to work in a job or career that does not even yet exist," Carroll told listeners. He spoke at the recent Omnitracs Outlook user conference in Phoenix.

How does something like that happen? It already did recently: he gave the example of smartphones and GPS services, which have sprung up around the same time. It's resulted in geographically and direction-oriented apps and location intelligence professionals. Oh, wait a minute — "location intelligence professionals"?

Fonte: Fleet Owners
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